About Us

A Few Words About Us

We are a partner for the worlds largest agencies, trading desks, and brands. Our clients leverage our deep understanding of native and traditional advertising to meet campaign goals. We have dozens of highly satisfied repeat customers. We believe that it is time to end the lack of transparency in the advertising industry. Know what, where and who you are buying when you work with The Managed Campaign.

We want to see advertising perform and spend on premium inventory. It is time to end the game of logo soup and simply provide clear, simple and easy to understand reporting. In the end the important elements are price and performance. Our advanced algorithms and partnerships will get you the best of both!

Our Professional Skills

Completely reconceptualizing advertising

Our systems demystify the advertising buy side industry. Buy with confidence from certified partners. Never wonder where your spend is going or about the performance of your campaign. We cannot guarantee that everything will always go perfectly according to plan, but our professional team can quickly identify any issues and make sure nothing blocks your success

No one is more committed to transforming the unrealistically priced and poorly performing advertising industry more than Then Managed Campaign. Contact us and learn how we can transform your ad buying experience.


Satisfied Customers